Top Reasons Why People Find Pizza So Delicious

To be honest – the true power of pizza cannot be ignored. It’s one of the best foods ever made, and every year, Americans order it in droves. Billions of pizzas are sold every year, so there is a piece of pie for everyone. Each year, about 37 billion dollars is spent on pizza.

These statistics come from the Department Of Agriculture, so you can bet your butt that they’re real. When it comes to pizza, there are some truly incredible stats to take note of. The next time you’re digging into that cheesy pie, just remember someone else is probably doing it at the exact same time. A great product is the New Wave Pizza Maker. It’s a great pizza maker for the money.

Top Reasons Why Americans Love Pizza

On any given day, one out of every eight Americans is eating a pizza. Pre-teens eat nearly two times more pizza than the national average. People who’re 60 years old eat about half as much pizza as people who’re half their age. About 25 percent of young males eat pizza at least once per day.

Obviously – that can’t be very healthy, but it’s just the way that Americans are raised. At virtually every age level, women eat less pizza than men, but you can’t count them out because most women love a good slice of pizza. Just make sure you lace the pizza with some diamonds, and you’ll be doing great.

Chocolate And Crepe Facts You Never Knew About

Everyone eats it – some more than others. Chocolate is the one treat that Americans can’t seem to get enough of. When you consider the fact that it’s a four-billion dollar industry, it’s easy to see why chocolate is mentioned frequently in the media.

While you might think you know all there is to know about chocolate, there are some facts that you’ve probably never heard of. Once you know the facts, you’ll be able to feel much better about eating chocolate from a fondue fountain.fondue for chocolate

A bargain fondue fountain for chocolate could be just what the doctor ordered. You can dip berries and other types of fruit into the fountain, and it will make them taste amazing.

Fact Number One

Did you know that dark chocolate has significantly more cacao than milk chocolate? Cacao beans are what all chocolate is made from, save the white variety, which actually has no liquor. The dark variety also has far less sugar, which is why it doesn’t feel nearly as satisfying to your taste buds.

Fact Number Two

Another interesting fact about our favorite candy; dark chocolate actually widens arteries and promotes a healthier level of blood flow. Put simply, dark chocolate can actually prevent the buildup of plaque inside the arteries, so it can keep you healthier. While some people believe chocolate constricts arteries, the dark variety actually opens them up.

Fact Number Three

Before getting to the fact, it’s worth mentioning that a crepe maker goes wonderfully well with chocolate. You can use the crepe maker that is best, and it will give you great crepes every single time. Also, feel free to use a crepe maker to produce treats that go well with chocolate. From the beginning, a cordless phone has served a very important purpose. Every day, people use the best home phone systems for communication. It’s not like a cordless phone is very expensive.

Fact Number Four

By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of dark chocolate. However, you probably didn’t know that consuming a small amount of dark chocolate every day is a great way to reduce your risk of heart disease.

In fact, you can cut your heart disease risk by about 33 percent. Another interesting fact is that the smell of chocolate increase the number of theta brain waves produced by your brain, which makes you feel far more relaxed.

Fact Number Five

You probably didn’t know that the flavonoids found inside chocolate products have anti-clotting, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. You would be amazed to learn what a beard trimmer has to do with chocolate. I found chocolate on my beard and mustache trimmer while I was shaving. I was mad because it’s a high-end beard trimmer.

All of these benefits can greatly reduce your risk of diabetes because they improve insulin sensitivity. Something that you probably didn’t know is that chocolate can cause major headaches when consumed in high doses. Many people enjoy chilled chocolate, but to make this, you’ll need an ice maker. You can use an ice maker that is portable.

We recommend never using an ice maker that isn’t entirely portable because you’ll have a hard time chilling your chocolate with it. These are some of the top facts about the dark treat that you just can’t seem to get enough of.